Where We’ve Been

In 1979, Tower opened its doors to serve the business travel market. Our founder, Doug Smith, felt underserved as a business traveler, so he decided to start a company that would keep corporate travelers – and the companies they work for – satisfied.

As the company evolved, so did business travelers’ expectations and the supporting technology. Tower has been an active participant in the evolution of online booking technology and remains diligent in incorporating the latest advances into our clients’ programs.

Current President and CEO John Smith has been an integral part of making us the technology and service leader that we are today. His insight and vision have brought our company to a level of having everything that a mega-agency can offer a customer, while still being agile enough to deliver the level of service and detail that a mid-market agency can offer.

Our Approach

Our executive team is agile enough to focus on every aspect of your account and deliver the type of program that best meets your needs. We’ve spent years developing our strategy to allow us to make client-focused decisions that yield long-term results for our customers. Most importantly, our financial strength and proven process give us the power to continually invest in our people, our infrastructure and our ongoing goal of keeping pace with the technological advances that best meet our customers’ needs.

By consistently leveraging our expertise, insight and wisdom to benefit our clients, Tower has earned a 97 percent customer retention rate, in an industry notorious for high turnover.

Our Path

Our mission has always been to grow one client at a time. We serve a wide variety of clients, from small organizations all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. Our customized approach to travel management delivers on the promise that we won’t recommend vendors based on our portfolio – we’ll work with you to include your preferred vendors and services in the most strategic and economical program that we can deliver for you.

We’re continually expanding our growth in new markets to better serve our customers throughout the country – and world. We are able to represent your organization locally, nationally and globally through our corporate office or with our agency network to deliver a best-in-class program for all your travel management needs.