Vendor Relationships

Using volume to drive down costs

Travel is the third-largest controllable expense for most companies. A managed program will help your organization achieve the highest level of cost savings available. Our industry knowledge and expertise will help your organization maximize cost savings efforts through industry partnerships.

Tower has access to the highest level of support with every major airline, hotel and car rental vendor in the marketplace. Our relationships allow us to provide higher levels of service than our competitors, including waivers and favors, upgrades, etc.

Tower works with each client to develop a travel program, and supports that program with reporting that identifies areas of noncompliance for improved management. Additionally, tracking spend in specific areas and across vendors supports price negotiation and aggregation to drive corporate spend down.

Multichannel Distribution System (MCDS)

Strategic sourcing to find the lowest cost

Tower works relentlessly to reduce our clients’ travel expenses. Using only one system or channel to book your reservations limits savings opportunities, so we monitor all avenues. Tower’s quality control process continuously checks multiple channels to ensure that we can pass the best price and opportunity for cost savings on to each customer.

Multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) searches:

  • Airline direct websites
  • Third-party websites
  • Consolidators for international travel

This strategy has achieved an average savings of 12 to 26 percent annually across Tower’s customer base.

Tracking Spend

Using data to recover costs

One of the largest areas that customers overlook for recovering lost expenses is the management of unused eTickets. If tracked and presented to the buyer at the right time, these spent dollars can be applied to new ticket purchases. Tower tracks all tickets issued and reminds the traveler to cancel tickets that are not refundable and not going to be used so that the credit can be applied to new purchases. Unused ticket information is included on our itineraries to ensure travelers are using up any unused ticket credits. They are also highlighted on the online booking tool so the credit is visible in the booking path.

Data can also help to identify program participation by corporate travelers. One blind spot of all travel programs is traveler cooperation. Travel spend made outside of the program is not included in vendor negotiations, policy compliance or exception reporting. The most effective programs will have high compliance among the travelers. Tower uses different data sources to compare managed travel spend to rogue travel spend to address those who are not participating in the program. These individuals are important for spend volume and policy adherence, as well as import for Duty of Care monitoring and proactive issue avoidance. Saving costs by avoiding last minute changes is a corner stone of managing the risk and expense of travel issues en route.