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Tower is among the nations most progressive and responsive travel management firms and Chicago's largest, independently owned agencies. With a long and proud history that spans almost three decades and a reputation for leading the industry in online booking, Tower represents the future of travel management, where traditional servicing, advanced technologies and online practices integrate for optimal results.


We are in a new era of travel management, where traditional and online booking combines for best practices, delivering powerful servicing and savings opportunities on a global basis. Tower offers a unique alternative in this dynamic environment with a comprehensive portfolio of resources, products and services. Whether you're an entrepreneurial startup, or a global powerhouse with operations on every continent, Tower has the resources and expertise to manage your business.


Tower's philosophy is to leverage the power of the web so travelers and program administrators can realize optimal flexibility, control and information access in a 24/7, world. From online booking and traveler profile management, to data management that includes traveler risk and location management, to invoice/itinerary receipts for expense reporting, to feedback surveys and useful resource links, Tower brings servicing options and resources closer to travelers and program administrators.

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