Traveler Safety

Your safety is our priority

At Tower, we’re committed to our travelers and their safety. That’s why we stay up to date with public safety regulations, including COVID-19 testing, reporting and mask mandates.

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Tower’s team and systems monitor our traveler’s locations in real time, allowing us to proactively manage travel issues.  We provide superior customer service, tracking all trip elements from flight status, itinerary to safety concerns.

Our premium duty of care application provides clients the ability to track and locate their travelers in real time and instantly assess any potential travel or safety risk.

Traveler Tracking Map and Dashboard

  • Itinerary tracking (flight/hotel segments)
  • Geolocation (GPS) tracking
  • SMS messaging (individual or groups)
  • Corporate client dashboard access
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Flight Monitoring

  • Track flight delays
  • Track cancellations
  • Track gate changes
  • And more
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Traveler Alerts

  • Alerts and flight updates emailed to travel arranger, booking agent, traveler, etc.
  • Travel Safety and Disruptions, Natural and Environmental, Strikes and Unrest, Conflict and Terrorism, Health and Medical, etc.
  • Country risk level, summaries and advisories
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